Tuesday, December 20, 2011

winter moon & sweet tea

winter solstice coming - return of the light!
Tonight's beginning sunset, peachy. A few more minutes of light will be added to every day from now on. In celebration, I fix a mug of chai spiced tea stirred with a cinnamon stick and take out my notebook and pen. But I keep glancing down at my feet in flip flops. In spite of the today's welcome sun and the knowledge that yesterday's extreme snow storm somehow missed us - closing down two major interstates for 150 miles from Santa Fe up to Colorado and down to Texas! And sadly causing the deaths of four people on the road, I feel stressed. Not due to safety issues or the ubiquitous holiday frenzy that everyone seems to be writing about endlessly, but more toward external circumstances like confused orders, payments gone astray or doubled, and ineffectual customer service reps who simply repeat the corporate mantra to the point of my having to angrily demand a supervisor's intervention....

the antidote
recent research indicates that when the going gets tough, the frequency of pedicures (and manicures) rises! And that's just what I did. Took myself to Christine and had my feet and legs massaged, softened, and my toes painted Stiletto Red! Now I feel like dancing, but I'll just finish up the laundry and figure out what to pack for our trip to Scottsdale where I hope to sit under a palm tree and sip a glass of cool Prosecco.