Wednesday, December 7, 2011

chasing shadows

We anticipated The Big Snowstorm and got 2-6" of snow (more on the mountain). The temperature dropped to arctic levels and now the sun is shining brightly. But, I ask you, how come snow melts during the day at 21 degrees? This is a mystery to me. Rather than strain my brain to find out, I'm stalking shadows and abstracts with my camera. Alternately feeling overcommitted and more easeful as the holidays approach. But (as everyone here seems to be aware) Mercury is in retrograde and life is difficult; change is coming but it's unknown. That's why I'm chasing shadows more substantial than the future.
change of focus
During the craft fair several people told me about their extreme sensitivity to wool in any form and especially socks. Ah, poor things, I thought. They're missing out on one of the small major pleasures of life, too bad. But I took pity on their plight and researched alternative yarns. The requirement was that I I had to enjoy working with them. My experience thus far in this knitting life is that acrylics, cottons, synthetic blends, don't do it. I long ago vowed never to knit something I don't enjoy (this vow encompasses books, people, clothing, places). What I found surprises exceedingly. Mary Maxim Bamboo fingering weight yarn! I ordered a few colors of this 75% bamboo, 25% nylon yarn spun in Turkey. It's four plys of ultra thin strands. I didn't think I'd like it - anticipated split stitches and separations. The first inch or so on my needles did indeed split and separate - even broke off in places. I tossed a couple of yards and started over. This time it worked. I'm assuming the first yard or so of each ball has been handled or shelved too much and caused the problem. It is easy to inadvertently stick the needle through the center of a stitch but it happens less with each row as I get the feel of it. The yarn has a nice soft hand and good colors. I've nearly finished one sock and look forward to the pair I will wear and test for durability.
That's my report today, as I wait for the planets to right themselves and a new pair of socks to be ready to wear.
     My daughter text messaged me this morning and said she wanted us to move to a Greek island and live like Donna in Mamma Mia. Right. I suggested we get one of her brothers to open a cafe there (he's a professional chef), the other to manage (he's smart), Ron to decorate with his get the picture. And I'm thinking about the memoir essay I recently wrote about Mykonos - what happened to two lovers more than thirty years ago.  Her idea? Preposterous. Fictional. But I can't get it out of my mind.

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