Friday, December 23, 2011

now & then

As usual, it's the orange and lemon trees that tell me I've left the mountains and have entered another world. A couple of months ago it was the Bay area, now it's southern Arizona. But it's all so unreal and doesn't resolve our dilemma of where our next move should be.


Drove through several light snowstorms to get here. It's cold! but a lot better (by about 50 degrees!) than Taos at end of December. It seems that a big storm hit the Albuquerque area and we barely missed it.

non-knitting report
I haven't knitted one stitch so far this trip - even during the endless ten hour drive. Just not motivated, nor do I even care to visit a yarn store. I may be suffering from that decision-exhaustion that strikes me down occasionally.  Instead I sat in the sun by the pool reading the latest issue of Vogue with Meryl Streep on the cover. 62 years old and on the cover of Vogue! yes!

May we all be eligible for that honor as we struggle enjoy this holiday season. Feliz!