Saturday, June 15, 2013

literary (he)arts

Last night in Santa Fe at a NM Book Association event, Storied Recipes won the Southwest Book Design & Production Award!
Now we can put gold stickers on the books before selling them!
Bring on the wine! We were three happy women. (Lesley, Me, Bonnie)...!

But seriously folks, we are pleased that a book that nearly did us in during production, is appreciated and honored in this way. It was all Bonnie Lee Black's vision from the beginning. She calls it a book of stories, with recipes. Lesley is a brilliant designer (she received honorable mention for another book's design & production last night). You, dear reader, can buy a copy at No money goes to us - it's all for SOMOS (The Society of the Muse of the Southwest): The Literary Heart of Taos. And do try Grandma Marchese's Sicilian Potato Patties....

"These recipes from all over the world are more fun to make than the spaghetti sauce in Goodfellas."
John Nichols

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