Wednesday, June 26, 2013

easy come, easy go, not

When a writer publishes a book, an essay, poems, she still always has them. The books are on the shelf, in book shops, they can be reread, collected, given away numerous times. But when an artwork goes to a gallery and is purchased, it's gone forever. Often the artist doesn't even know who bought it. So tonight, this is what Ron is dealing with.
Two men from Envison Gallery came to take his steel stabiles away from our land where they have been displayed for several months, and move them to a sculpture garden in a gorgeous setting (pictures will follow when I take them).
Through it all, the horse who is currently on our land, and used the sculptures every day to scratch his head, watched the whole procedure with a sort of worried look on his face.
So now, Ron-the-artist-who-is-never-satisfied-because-he's-an-artist, is already missing them! However, he won't miss them as much if they sell. Instead he'll be in Paris at a cafe sipping a good French vin and drawing on a napkin. Or in Italy sipping Prosecco. Ahh! (And guess who will be with him?).

I have brought few belongings
an easel I can pull up to the light
the sky with ladders of honey
     Marjorie Agosin (excerpt from "Apple Trees" in Starry Night)

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