Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a slow encircling

As long as the nine horses are in the nearby field, you will probably see pictures of them often. I can't resist when they approach my car as it slowly heads home on the dirt road or when I walk by. How could I not stop for this guy? Even Spike was quiet as this large soulful creature approached us, stopped and stared. As herd animals they have that natural instinct to gravitate toward other mammals and would probably like to be part of our herd or have us be part of theirs.

breath of autumn
During these late September days sans rain, buttery light has been hitting and illuminating various things unexpectedly. Ron's painting in the kitchen.
The bouquet of cosmos a friend picked for me from her garden the other day when I stopped by to help her figure out a knitting problem. She had worked it out before I got there, but we had a nice hour talking, eating grapes, and knitting.
And deep decorative shadows everywhere.
Of course I love this time of year. Who doesn't? I'm still working on the Rowan dk soft hand warmers and will show them off soon. I finished thumbs last night while watching Lust for Life. Whew! Does everyone else think that Kirk Douglas actually became Vincent Van Gogh in that film? He was amazing. It occurred to me that his obsession with capturing on canvas what he saw with his eyes is akin to taking photographs. It never quite comes out the the way it is seen. How could it? A landscape is vast and dimensional. With wind and rain, birds chirping, cicadas buzzing, light shadows. What I do know is that when we were in the D'Orsay Musee in Paris, intoxicated and weary, overstimulated by room after room of masterwork paintings, when we stepped into the Van Gogh room we were hit with the color and freshness of his paintings. Every wall in that room sang with moments of time that he did indeed capture. In one of his letters to his brother in another September long ago, he wrote:

There is a...canvas, a corner of a garden with a weeping tree, grass, round clipped cedar shrubs and an oleander bush....there is a citron sky over everything, and also the colors have the richness and intensity of autumn. And besides it is in even heavier paint...plain and thick

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