Monday, September 19, 2011

shimmering blues

At the end of my driveway this morning, I was confronted by nine horses lined up along the fence staring at me. Spike was in the car and barked. By the time I got the camera out they had scattered. A sight to see in the early morning sun. They weren't in that three acre field yesterday so it must be another of those magical horse happenings. And they probably won't be there for long as three acres is simply not big enough to sustain nine relentless eating machines.They're already reaching out beyond the fence. Another case of the grass being greener?
I love the proximity of horses and since the rain all last week, the grasses are thick and luscious. Hollyhocks are blooming again and cosmos are prolific, the flowers on my deck are looking more like summer then autumn. Such is the transformation that happens with an abundance of water. The clouds and rains are over for now and the sky is simply
Nothing in the cry
of cicadas suggests they
are about to die
     Basho (trans. Sam Hamill)

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