Saturday, May 18, 2013

momentary calm

All I want to do on these 70+ degree days with gentler winds that don't sting or feel like they're ushering in catastrophe, is sit outside and write and draw (lame as the latter effort might be) ~ in a notebook (paper) with a pen (fountain). Running out of that lovely French ink called "moon dust" I found something close from Noodler called "nightshade" (confession: I'm an ink snob).
I have taken a few days off this week. The manuscript is in the designer's hands and I have to write a couple more things for it (like intro, acknowledgements, contributors), but I still have a day or two in which to do it (procrastination reigns around here). Meanwhile, I've learned a bit more about my iPad. Especially how to use the mini keyboard and how to create documents that can go back and forth between iPad and laptop. I couldn't figure it out on my own so I emailed the developer of the UX Write app. He actually answered within 24 hours and I was able to hook up. It seems that they are also updating the app regularly so it will probably be able to do lots more as time goes by. Highly recommend this tool.
The Logitech keyboard is a very cool gadget. Light, thin, responsive. Closes up with the iPad into a very slim package. You can't type on it in the usual manner since it's so small but it's easy to adjust and I've already taught myself a modified version of touch typing. Still having some difficulty managing my photos though, but I guess I'll get it eventually. For now, I'll have to just let it all be and prepare to get back to work tomorrow. For tonight, I'll be going to my friend Susana Guillaume's performance of her one-woman show, "King Laz" at Metta Theatre. More about that tomorrow. And after?  Late dinner at La Pomme d'Amour. Golly and gosh, another night out after dark!

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