Sunday, July 29, 2012

addictive nostalgia

Help! I'm having a nostalgia attack! Spending Sunday afternoon looking through a humongous box of old photographs, seeking pictures of my nephew John for his memorial next weekend.
I hadn't seen him for many years of his adult life, but the earlier pictures, when we were often in each other's lives, brought a flash flood of memories. And then I found a picture of myself around the age when he was born. I love the almost double image.
Back in the olden days, it was a disappointment when we picked up our pictures from the local drugstore and found some "ruined". Now I look at them and think they're actually more interesting than crisp digital pictures that need special fx programs to achieve the same look. (oh dear, it's a vintage look!). Never mind. As an aside, my nephew in his young adult years was a professional photographer who worked with master papparazzo, Ron Gelella.

Instead of vintage me, I'll show you a less personal vintage item. The chipped French coffee bowl with a frothy cappuccino from the French-style cafe in San Francisco, La Boulange, where I spent many an hour with notebook and pen. 
It seems so long ago already, that trip. Sidewalk cafes, long city walks, cool wind and moist air. But I'm happy to be home again, beginning to process the experience in various ways. And so far I've kept my vow to not commit to any freelance work for a while longer - hopefully until the end of the year.

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