Monday, February 13, 2012

you could almost see

Lots of heavy wet snow falling all morning. Spike and I stayed indoors doing what we do (he mostly stared and slept), I started a pot of chicken soup that I forgot about when I started to work, totaled the pot and the onion, barely saved the chicken. Ron read a lot of stuff about UFOs (the flying kind, not the knitted kind), shoveled snow, and accompanied me to town. By afternoon the roads were dry, the fields wet, horses running around drying off.

I thought about a friend who left for Hawaii over the weekend and won't be back till March, another who is somewhere in South America, another in San Miguel, and I dug out the photos from a trip we took to Mexico a couple of years ago. Then we spent an hour planning how and if we dared to just get in the car and head southwest until we reach the Pacific. Unfortunately, we concluded that there's no room in the budget and we have commitments and deadlines to meet. While we were making our imaginary plans, the solid gray sky parted and big patches of blue popped. Before I could get outside for pictures of the fresh snow against blue sky, it was over. Instead I'll share this photo of the wild and rugged Pacific around northern Baja. sigh!
This robe of snow and winter stars,
the devil take it, wear it, too.
It might become his hole of blue.
               Wallace Stevens (Snow and Stars)