Wednesday, February 15, 2012

taking deep breaths

Awakened this morning to a couple of inches of new snow. Last night's snow showers resulted in icey roads and sanding trucks were out for hours keeping up with it.  Result this morning as I headed into town was above freezing temps and dirty wet roads. I suspect the trucks don't use sand, but soil. Messy dark wet soil. Cars are filthy and encrusted and may never be clean again. They build adobe houses around here with that soil. And there were plenty of pretty snowy scenes that had to be photographed quickly before they disappeared.

one of our fifty is missing
I think I've mentioned in past posts that before we moved out here, indeed before I'd ever seen this part of the southwest and still lived on the east coast, I believed that New Mexico was a desert where people wore blue jewelry. Well, that's true and it's not true. It's a huge state and way south it is desert and warm most of the time. Up here, in the foothills of the Rockies, less than 100 miles from the Colorado border, it's quite the opposite. But the misconception is still prevalent. As is the belief that New Mexico is another country entirely and shippers are always trying to charge us international rates for deliveries. Today I spoke to someone in Maine who believed what I used to believe. I ordered something from L.L.Bean and was asked if it wouldn't "be too hot there to wear" the item. Huh? Hot? It was 18 degrees last night, and the driveway has six inches of snow, the apricot blossoms are sure to freeze in a month or so.... She was surprised and I'm not sure she believed me. About the blue jewelry? Well, better not to speak of that.

it will not be a future ufo
Found a hoodie sweater pattern to knit for Dante (his grandmother gave it a thumbs up) - perfect for toddler beach walking in spring. Will share more information once I actually get the yarn and start it. Meanwhile I'm plodding along on the Damson shawl and only messed up again once. Almost ready to begin edging pattern. Vow not to start Dante sweater until this is done - and the pair of cheerful yellow socks I'm movie-knitting and....