Monday, February 27, 2012

gone with the spring winds

Morning filled with possibilities. What will I do with this day? Hopeful spring signs, oatmeal, yogurt, popcorn and green tea for breakfast! New snow on mountaintops. Weather folks inform us that the last few snowfalls have raised worrisome water table to where it should be at this time of year. However, prediction for spring is dry and windy.  Dry + Wind = Wildfires. Won't think about it now.
Cheery chittering chorus of invisible birds in bare trees against frozen pond and hazy sky full of promise. Slider opened fully as definite robin sounds drift in among finches, sparrows, fearsome magpies.
superficial woman blunders
Felt so smug and confident yesterday posting boastful story of new cables and lace mitts. Worked on it while watching Oscars last night (yes, am superficial person; happy that Woody Allen won Best Original Screenplay as movie is current (all time) favorite). At 10 p.m., almost finished knitting thumb, triumph in view, when I noticed that two inches back I'd missed one of the cable twists. Arrrrghgghh! No way to fudge that major blunder. Only choice is to face near-complete obliteration of second mitt! Will think about it tomorrow, Scarlet-style (also superficial person with iron will). This is a setback in unrealistic plan to meet monthly self-imposed mitt schedule started on Friday with 5 days left in Feb. Instead, am incongruously considering where to immediately obtain yarn the colors of sea-weathered wood.