Sunday, April 7, 2013

go girls go!

books and flowers and friends, oh my!
Yesterday late afternoon at Brodsky Books in Taos where my friend Natalie Goldberg gave a reading and book signing for her new one "The True Secret of Writing". It was a huge (crowded) success!
The small book shop literally overflowed with people standing, sitting, and buying books faster than Rick, the owner, could check them out!
In an adjacent room Morris, co-owner and Rick's spouse, set out flowers and refreshments. Lovely! John Nichols was there, and Bonnie Black and many other writers and fans, tourists and friends. Makes one believe that independent book shops will survive in this e-age. I love my Kindle (as regular readers of this blog know) but every surface in my house is still overflowing with paper books (how does one refer to them these days? real books? regular? old-time? but e-books are real, too). I also heard that during the book tour Natalie's been on there is a feeling that with the closing of so many huge book seller chains, and in spite of the popularity of e-readers (which some research indicates has more people reading) independent book shops are doing well and new ones are opening.

and now about the clan of the sock women...
Late in the evening, a few friends gathered together and since Nat is also great collector of my handknit socks (for over 15 years) she asked me to bring them along. I don't have many at this time, but we still had a regular sockenfunfest with laughter and appreciation. Bamboo was a hit.
There was no wine (we were all driving) but I staggered out of there intoxicated by the whole evening of conversation and new friends.  When I checked my daily horoscope for yesterday it said: An evening out and about with a friend can be enlivening and inspiring. Do something unexpected or spontaneous. Just being out late was unexpected! (we Taos people of a certain age tend to long for home, our books and beds, when it's dark!).

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