Wednesday, April 25, 2012

she's got the blues again

The wild plum blossoms in are in bloom and sending out fruity-sweet scents that seem particularly strong after dark. In a few weeks the birds will feast on the fruit and it's all theirs. I've tried to make jam from wild plums, but they are bitter and require too much sugar to make palatable. Better to leave them on the trees for the birds and animals.
Fleecy indigo sky with blackbirds on one of the few bare trees left.
I read recently that doorways are one of the most popular subjects for camera buffs. Especially old scruffy-looking ones. I'm currently hunting for doorways to fulfill a photographic assignment that's fun and challenging. Challenging because we (publisher, author, me) have specific ideas in our heads and they don't necessarily match. More about it later. It's fun and tomorrow I'm off to Santa Fe to meet up with a friend and hunt for doors.