Wednesday, April 4, 2012

nothing ordinary here

Feeling all dusty and achy after sorting through old file cabinet drawers searching for a short story I wrote several years ago. When I stashed it away, I knew it wasn't as good as it could be and after a dream that reminded me of it, I was curious to find out if it still had any merit. I couldn't find it in the usual places, hence, the day spent going through voluminous files filled with unfinished novels and mediocre stories. I gave up writing fiction a long time ago in favor of creative non-fiction, but couldn't part with some of my "darlings" (those imperfect but well loved children of the imagination). The trash can in my workroom is overflowing this evening. And I did find the story I was looking for, haven't reviewed it yet (courage!).

More importantly today, as snow melted, I saw that the apricot blossoms DID survive the intense storm! They are beautiful, full, seemingly undamaged, and the sky is sooo blue "you could eat it with a spoon".

No brown petals evident on the blossoms in spite of lingering snowballs. If temperatures don't go too low tonight we might see fruit this summer. This weather has been awfully dramatic lately. The Albuquerque newspaper called this winter/spring the quirkiest in memory. When clouds rose up last evening and the sun was low on the horizon, we were once again stunned by spectacular-spectacular. Just an ordinary reflection through cottony clouds in the east, of the setting sun in the west!