Friday, January 6, 2012

panoply of winter being

Feeling a strong need for flowers today, I bought a simple non-exotic little supermarket bouquet. The amount of pleasure it gives far exceeds the price.Who ever thought of selling flowers in supermarkets? Once upon a time flowers were only available in winter at florist shops. But I'm in one of those moods. The days are still fair and sunny and the snow layer on the mountain peaks gets thinner each day. I expect the weather to turn unexpectedly and suddenly and wake each morning with a little bit of anxiety before glancing out the windows. Sun again! I'm sure they're not happy up in the ski valley and are madly making snow at night. But there are lots of happy-looking skiers in town so I guess they're doing their thing up there without nature's help and providing good snow and sport.

Graffiti against remaining snow near the park adds welcome color to a dun and white world (that's snow at the bottom third of the photo). I'm reading Virginia Woolf's autobiographical writings in Moments of Being. She wrote that as a child she "walked to beguile the winter dullness" and along with her siblings made up stories that they added to "each in turn". I walk alone with  my camera as an aide memoir and try to conjure up Woolf on a winter's day.

an unexpected something new
Met up with friend Joan this morning at the coffee shop where she presented me with a gift of yarn! Merino sock weight, plant-dyed with brazilwood, by Glenna Dean in Abiquiu. It's a lovely wine-stained color (darker than in the photo). I'm leaving it on the kitchen table so it can tell me what it wants to be. letting in strange lights; and murmurs and spaces of deep silence. But somehow into that picture must be brought, too, the sense of movement and change. Nothing remained stable long.
Virginia Woolf