Friday, January 13, 2012

it's in the bag

Yeah, it's Hepburn again with her knitting. Carrying her knitting bag on the political campaign trail like Eleanor Roosevelt. The movie is State of the Union with Tracy. Powerful women - Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn -  knitters! Virginia Woolf, Julia Roberts (same category?), me, you?. But now I have to switch focus for awhile - knitting makes way for editing - like all day today. Work on the manuscripts I've been avoiding through at least a half dozen pairs of socks. In same vein, had lovely casual luncheon yesterday at poet friend's house with three other women.  Veronica Golos recently won the New Mexico Book Award for her poetry collection vocabulary of silence. Came away newly inspired. What creative women do for each other. This year in Taos is the Year of Important Women (or some theme like that). So we all have to rise to the occasion that will begin next Thursday night with three outstanding poets: Lise Goett, Leslie Ullman, Phyllis Hotch. I'll be introducing them (and hope to snap a few pictures too). And, lest you think that my priorities have changed, here's what made me happiest today and kept things in perspective: