Thursday, March 15, 2012

out of kilter?

not so fast!
It definitely feels like spring these days. Hot sun, moderate winds, lots of chirping in the still bare trees, windows blessedly open, jackets not required outdoors, horses calmly munching new grass and the hay tossed to them, lying in the morning sun instead of huddling together with unmelted snow on their backs. There's a dearth of green, but the cottonwood limbs are yellow and a couple of plowed fields are already green. A rancher neighbor five acres away is plowing his fields and the distant drone of the tractor is the sound of change.
However (there's always a however around here), the biggest (and last) snowstorm of the season is expected to hit us by Sunday and stay around for a few days bringing cold temps and lots of accumulation. In today's newspaper I read that March is a month when late winter storms come barreling in (I knew that) out of the Bering Sea! (I did not know that) - roaring down the west coast unabated and arriving here a few days later.  Isn't the Bering Strait south of the polar circle? Alaska? Russia? uh,oh.

socks for dancing
finished the latest pair of Alpaca Sox. Super soft and warm. Great jewel colors fit for a winter sock hop. I am looking forward to using the new colors Classic Elite has come out with this spring for Sox. They're vivid and unsubtle - which is the way socks should be. Butterscotch. Lipstick. Cran-Orange Gelato. Yes!
watching and waiting
Long poetry editing session today with two poets at one of their homes. We drank good black coffee and worked our way through a handful of poems being prepared for publication.  This was a second meeting and we'll need at least one or two more. I'll post additional information about this upcoming book as we get closer to the final manuscript and it's in the hands of the publisher. Meanwhile, we were guarded by poetry mascot, Max.
What magic denial
shall my life utter
to bring itself forth?
                            (Denise Levertov, Living Alone (III), last stanza)