Sunday, March 11, 2012

out of the dark

 spring snow (on Ron's sculpture)
A few flurries late last night. We ignored them and anticipated the abundance of light starting today. Three inches and the sun comes right out to meet it, melt it, filling deep watery invisible caves that run beneath our dry land and fill our wells. Big blue holes in the white sky begin to appear. Steady trickle of snowmelt off the roof accompanies morning coffee. Frankly, this is the only time of year I feel positive about snowfall.

a minor conclusion
The Hand Maiden Casbah Colonnade shawl is finished! Worked on it exclusively for the last few days and finished this morning. It's a winner. Blocking will happen later if I can get the long table downstairs cleared of stacks of pages and other stuff. Why is it that no matter how many lovely long surfaces I have at my disposal, there's never enough room.

under the last snow
green shoots are stirring
with faint wet whispers

(thanks to Richard Wright's haiku for inspiring me)