Friday, October 14, 2011

all manner of satisfactions

"about as close to magic as modern society allows"
It's 7 o'clock or so. The sky dark and starless, the moon not risen yet. I am at last finished with my writing obligations for the week and after this post I plan to read something entertaining and knit a little. The poetry marathon was well worthwhile for our art, but also for the food. Our hostess is an accomplished cook with sophisticated tastes - especially in baked goods. On this final day, we were greeted with an amazing cherry chocolate gateau from Dragonfly Cafe. There were other delicious and beautiful goodies every day (the caprese salad was an art form in itself) but only today did I have the presence of mind to take a photograph. How beautiful is this?
With the midnight oil burning night after night and words stinging like bees in my head, I somehow managed to finish two pairs of hand warmers with the Rowan dk soft that I love so much. I have one ball left and since it seems to be a discontinued yarn I'm going to hoard it like Persephone's pomegranate seeds.
Working on these simple projects all week helped me to focus in a much more efficient way than if I tried to wrest words from an overwrought tired mind.

and then there were none
How lovely it would be if I sold everything I've collected for the Des Montes neighborhood yard sale tomorrow. The timing is a little off - I'd really like to take a break, but what is, is and the 15th is the date that was decided upon. If you are local and reading this, stop by starting at 8 a.m. for more yarn stash and other interesting stuff.  Somewhere maps will be available in an obvious location. As for me, I'm going to settle in now with Joanne Harris's novel Chocolat.

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