Saturday, November 23, 2013

the light changes

Awakened this morning to this picturesque and exotic scene outside my kitchen windows. Snow is expected to hang around until Monday. Since I'm not the intrepid type, I won't be walking in the park today. When I do go into town it will be to the Spa where I will sign up for the duration of this cold season. Did I say that I hate exercise machines? It's all okay though, isn't it? As time does it's thing, winter will pass in the blink of an eye (it goes faster as we grow older) and before we know it, April will be here. But for now, what's here is Clyde (mate of Bonnie) -- woodpecker couple who are trying to make a hole-home in my house which is, fortunately, stucco.
This is a Red-shafted Flicker and its territory is a wide area around the Rocky Mountains. His breast is decorated with black and white polka-dots! When he flies there is a bit of salmon under his wings. I posted this gorgeous guy's photo on facebook and got lots of comments about how much damage woodpeckers can do. (I'm glad we don't live in a wood-trimmed house). But you gotta love the magic of nature. How did this variety of artwork land on a simple flying creature?

Throw off your tiredness. Let me show you
one tiny spot of the beauty that cannot be spoken.
     Rumi (trans. Coleman Barks)

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