Wednesday, November 16, 2011

movin' along

We've been watching the History Channel's series on the Universe. So many of the images that the scientists show us are computer enhanced. It occurs to me that we don't have to enhance the amazing things we see right from the windows of our house. Like dawn this morning. When Taos Mountain looked like Mt. Vesuvius for a few minutes until the sun popped out over the peak. Or last evening before we went out for sushi.
I'd had one of those days that flew by. Wrote, ran a few errands, sent Dante's birthday gifts east and had a nice long coffee shop visit with a new friend. She's 81, looks a young 70, and plans to take an apartment in Florence so that she can draw open the curtains in the morning and see the Duomo! She's lived all over the world and we talked a lot about places and people. Her philosophy ("as a wiser old woman") is to eliminate from her life anyone with a negative point of view. "No time or patience for that anymore". Consequently she embodies what Joan Didion called the concept of "forward momentum". She overcame a serious illness that in 1990 gave her two years to live. So there. Just the inspiration and inspiriting I need at this time. And Greg at the coffee shop presented me with another artistic latte. Ah, the small major pleasures!
knock 'em off!
Still (albeit slower now) finishing items for the show. This latest pair of Knitz Mittz delights me.
My problem is that I've already removed three pairs of mittz from the pile to keep for myself or to gift. I can't knit fast enough to keep up with the disappearances so will have to exert some discipline. That loathsome word that seems to slip into every recent endeavor. But I guess without it I wouldn't finish anything.

If you meet someone whose soul is not aligned with yours,
send them love and move along
                Wayne Dyer

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