Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ease of use

The sun is shining this morning and it may reach 50 degrees by afternoon. We hear there's a storm coming - and I do detect a stronger breeze. Our weather changes always arrive on dramatic wings of winds and I just finished picking up a full bag of papers and scraps that were mysteriously disinterred from the trash can by chair-table-tossing winds last week. But so far this season we've had more sun than snow and I fervently hope it continues.
     The craft show continues on in its own way as I receive calls from folks who saw stuff but didn't buy and want it now. Unfortunately, most of what they're requesting is gone. The principle of fear of loss is actually based in fact. As is if you snooze you lose. Take heed. But for one person (I don't do commissions) I am actually making a pair of hand warmers using some of that giant ball of yarn I posted a photo of yesterday. She wants it as a gift for her 96 year old mother. And it has to be lively. After that I'll make a longer, larger pair for her very tall adult son who is so tall that he can't get warm.
I never gave that concept much thought - that really tall people require more heat to warm up. Being 5' 1" myself (possibly less now that I've passed a certain age - and I don't want to know) it's never been my concern. I'm usually too warm and I live with an average sized man who is always cold. Go figure. Soul mates aren't necessarily easy to live with at home (nor geniuses, altho my experience in that area is limited). In any case, I like this woman and for her I will knock out the things she requested. As for the other requests for pink hand warmers and socks and hand knitted acrylic sweaters? Not. Ever.
     In response to several entreaties from super-sensitive-to-wool people (including Ron), I am researching alternative sock yarns. I found a great site called Vegan yarns (great name) with lots of suggestions. Yarns I've tried in the past didn't do it for me and I ended up giving away the unused balls. In my humble opinion, Opal's cotton blends are the best, but they do contain some wool (which is what makes them so nice). I'm close to ordering bamboo and nylon blends. But suppose the above mentioned wool-wussies turn out to be bamboo-balkers? Will keep you informed.

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