Thursday, December 20, 2012


I have the ability
to stay poised and centered
regardless of what
goes before me
     Wayne Dyer, Living the Wisdom of the Tao

It's been a difficult week since I last posted. Some of it due to senseless tragedy here and abroad, dire predictions of the end of the world as we know it, other things close up and personal. The holidays bring their own unique stresses and this year wins the prize for quantity. As a man on line behind me at the post office said yesterday as we waited forever to mail our packages: "and in the outhouse it's piling up".

Buddha in hand
I'm having a difficult time focusing so I've spent a lot of time scribbling in a notebook and knitting. I received a call from my neighbor Tere yesterday with some requests. Can I replace a lost mitten? -- one of two calls for replacements (those naughty kittens!), and the baby in Denver outgrew the tiny infant hat I made her and needs a larger one, and a sister with a difficult health problem needs full mittens to keep her hands warm when she's moved from wheelchair to car and other places. I had to check my stash and triage the requests -- mittens first! Nothing perfect in the stash. Found, in town, some Viking Nordlys soft and cheerful. Started immediately upon returning home. Nearly finished the first mitten this morning, feeling smug and accomplished, when I realized that I'd read the instructions wrong (because someone was talking to me) and I forgot that I can't multi-task anymore. You know the rest. But that's one magic of knitting -- all mistakes permanently obliterated. If only....
The good news is that I finished Dante's sweater and it's soooo cute! Can't wait to see it on him. He was the reason I stood on that long line at the post office yesterday -- I wanted him to have it soon.
Do you believe in that thing about opening a book randomly and finding just the words you need at that very moment? Well, Dyer's book was next to me on the table, I opened it....

The softest
of all things
overrides the hardest
of all things

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